Finally, a holiday! That's the first thing you think while driving home on your last day of work before a three week holiday. But have you really thought of everything? Swimsuit, bathing suit, sunglasses, diving gear, tickets and eh... travel insurance? Taking trips for a holiday is, for the most part, fun, but it has to stay fun when something unexpected happens. In that case, you want to have everything covered. Did your know you have to take out a separate insurance policy for your winter sport trip? If you don't, in the unfortunate case of there needing to be a trauma helicopter called, you would have to pay the fee yourself. But what travel insurance policy should you choose? What did other customers experience when they were helped by these insurance companies? We made an overview of all the insurance companies that offer a travel insurance policy. You can read reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints of clients that went before you and see which grade they gave each insurance company. Leaving for holiday well prepared will make you feel more comfortable. Knowing you have taken out the best insurance policy helps with that.

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