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    Internet is a huge part of modern life. Many people use it every day and cannot go without it. The internet is used for online games, to find a road map, to look up information about all kinds of subject, for work related activities and more. Since the internet is used so much by so many people for so many goals and purposes, it is a new favourite hazard for stealing, extracting secret information and ruining of daily activities. Hackers use the internet for sending viruses, spyware, mall ware and Trojan Horses to important computers to gain secret information or ruining things from within the company. There is a whole branch of cyberterrorism that is booming in this age of technology. So naturally you will want some protection from that. AVG offers many forms of anti virus protection, but do they really work? Read customer reviews to find out what other people think about this software program.

    About AVG

    AVI antivirus is a brand of anti virus protection software for your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The company was founded in 1992 and originates from In 1997 and 1998 the brand was distributed to other countries. They have worked together with Windows Vista. The company has more than 200 million users over the whole world. Half of them downloaded their software for mobile device usage. Their range of products include AVG Internet Security, AVG Protection, AVG Identity Protection, AVG Anti-Virus Plus Firewall, AVG Anti-Spyware, AVG Anti-Rootkit, AVGADMIN and AVG Search. Some of their services can be used for free, but they also offer a paid AGV AntiVirus Pro option with more functions and benefits. They have a version that can be used on your computer, but also a version for Android and IOS so you can use it on your mobile phone, smartphone or iPhone.

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    Services of AVG

    If there are any problems with the AVI protection that you have downloaded, they offer technical support on their website. They can help you with downloading, installing, uninstalling or upgrading AVG. Their Sales Support can help with purchases, licences and subscription. You can also get into contact with them on Facebook. Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. And of course they also have several offices that you can contact. Their offices are situated in for instance the Chzech Republic from which the company originally comes from, the USA, the Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for AVG

    Is your computer already protected by AVG? In that case, you might be able to tell us if their products actually work. Is your computer, laptop or tablet really safe, or did you get a virus even though you had a Pro version of AVG? Or maybe they protected you from a huge virus and you want to compliment on that. Or share a thought of how AVG can be improved. Let us and other people know by leaving a customer review with your experience, opinion and more. Help other people decide whether AVG is a good choice of anti virus software.

    Customer reviews about this anti virus software for PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone. Read how AVG offers protection & security against spyware, rootkits

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