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    Canon is a well known brand of cameras, scanners, printers and everything that comes with it. But do they really live up to their name? Before you decide to buy at Canon in a whim, read customer reviews left for you by other customers to see that you are in for. Let them help you decide whether buying your new camcorder at Canon is really a good idea of not.

    About Canon

    Canon is a multinational corporation that focuses on the manufacturing of imagining and optical products. The company started out in Japan in 1937 and was originally called Seikikōgaku kenkyūsh. In 1947 the company changed its name to Canon Camera Corporation, Canon for short. Their assortment includes products like cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, different kind computer printers for black and white printing as well as colour, binoculars, scanners, video camcorders, and even a branch of medical equipment like lenses for X-Rays. In short: everything that has to do with visualising. They also sell the accessories that come with their products like lenses.

    How it works in reality: Food photography with Ashley Rodriguez and a Canon Camera. 

    Services of Canon

    On their website you can create an account to order all the products that canon has to offer. Just put them in your basket and the rest speaks for itself. Once delivered and paid, your package will be brought to you in 3 to 5 days. They offer free standard delivery and returns on all orders that you place and a 30 days return product in case your product is not what you expected after all. They will give you a refund. Each product comes with a minimum of 2 year guarantee on all of their hardware products. This avoids nasty costs for repairs if your device turns out to be faulty. If your device does turn out to be faulty and it is a manufactory fault and not your own, they will try to repair it or send you a replacement like the same model or, in case that is no longer available, an alternative one. You can also sign up for their online news letter. Are you a student? Then you are lucky! Students will get a 10% discount on all their orders. All you need to do is register and verify your student status.

    Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Canon

    If you are a professional or hobby photographer or work a lot with imagines, printing and scanning, chances are that you own or at least made/make use of one or more Canon products. Would you like to tell us about them? We from BritainReviews would like to know if the canon products you own or use work to your satisfaction, if they were delivered on time and if you ever had any problems with them. And in case you did have a problem, how Canon handled the situation. Did they repair or replace your product as they promise? Or did they offer you exceptional service and you would like to leave a compliment? Leave a review with your customer experience, opinion or complaint.

    What is the opinion of other customers that bought their camera, camcorder, printer or scanner at Canon? Read customer reviews about this Japanese brand of optical products

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