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    Are you looking to switch up your wardrobe? Mix up your style? Unsure which brand best represents who you are? Maybe Californian based shoe and apparel company Vans is what you have been looking for. Read on to learn all about their company and their products and hear from personal customer reviews to find out if this is the brand for you.

    About Vans

    The company that we know today to be Vans was initially founded in 1966 as the Van Doren Rubber Company by brothers Paul and James Van Doren and partners Serge D’Elia and Gordon Lee. On their first day they sold shoes to about 16 customers, with their only style at the time being what we now know as the “Authentic”. Since then, the name has been shortened simply to Vans and the number of different product types on sale has increased to 760,000, with them making close to 500 million sales each year.
    A central element to the Vans culture is their connection with skateboarders, who quickly fell in love with the durable Vans shoes thanks to their thick rubber sole and all round protection. Once it became clear that these skaters were forming a majority of the Vans audience, they started producing shoes aimed at skate boarders, in 1974, by creating thicker heels to further protect the ankle in the case of accidents and provide comfort.
    Since then the Vans skater following has continued to grow and today the community is larger than ever, with the company hosting events and building skating spaces specifically to allow their skater vans to come together to celebrate the sport and the shoe. Such as, the House of Vans skatepark in London underneath Waterloo station which is famous for being a high quality skate space and promoting the culture of art, music and skaters. An example of one of their events is the Vans Pool party, for which the most esteemed Skaters meet to compete.

    In addition to their respect for their consumers, the company is also aware of the impact that they have on the planet and thus put a lot of focus on being aware of, and reducing their environmental impact by using resources efficiently. For example, the company by whom they are now owned, VF, fuels 98% of its primary energy with fossil fuels.

    This is “Off the Wall”, the famous slogan for Vans in an advert demonstrating their follower culture.


    In addition to producing hundreds of shoe styles, Vans also sells various clothing apparel such as tops; t-shirts and vests, shorts, dresses and socks, and a variety of accessories such as bags, sunglasses and hats.
    Delivery options are Standard Delivery, Collection Point Delivery and Click & Collect at Vans stores, for which orders over £35 are free, as well as Express Delivery. Orders can be easily tracked using the Vans website.
    It is also possible to return items, provided that they are unworn and in the same state as purchase, and returned within 30 days.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips

    What are your thoughts of Vans? Have you tried their products and loved them or hated them? Does the quality live up to its reputation? Feel free to share a review below telling us about your customer experience.

    How was your experience with Vans? What did you think of their shoe style, clothing aesthetic and brand image? Share you customer experience here.

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