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    Having cold feet and want to do something about it? Maybe Ugg has just the thing for you. This brand with their characteristically thick and warm footwear has been around for quite some time and ever since the beginning opinions about the brand have been divided. Some people absolutely love it for their warmth and cannot go without it while others despise the plump designs with that same passion. What do you as a customer think of UGG? Do you love their shoes so much that they are pretty much attached to your foot? Or is the only reason you would ever wear them to kick them out of the streetscape as soon as possible? Let us and UGG know.

    About UGG

    UGG was founded by Brian Smith in 1978. This Australian surfer has a great love for Sheepskin and believed the rest of the world would one day love it as much as he does. On the southern shores of California he established this brand of thick, warm shoes. Soon, the brand became a coastal classic and a “symbol for relaxed southern California culture”. In the first decade of the century, they stretched out to include slippers and stylish luxuries. Since 2008, they have a shop here in London, the Westfield and Covent Garden shop. They also have shops in, for instance, China and Japan.

    Later they teamed up with, among others, Jimmy Choo for a special capsule collection and Swarovski Elements® which gave UGG its signature sparkle with the addition of shimmering crystals.

    They make shoes for men, women and children. They have multiple collections like a collection of Classic Unlined, Classic Slim, Classic Luxe, but also the EngerG collection, Treadlite collection, Flip-Flips, Casual Shoes and Exclusives.

    Besides the signature shoes, they also sell other items, all of which live up to their phrase ‘Soft. Served’, and have the same fussy look and snuggly feeling as their shoes. Examples are the pillows from their home collection or bathrobes from their Loungewear collection. Just like they do with their shoes, they try to create the ultimate in nonchalant luxury.

    Australia: the beautiful land UGG comes from

    Services of UGG

    You can visit one of the physical shops or order your desired items online. When you decide to order online, they offer free standard delivery via DPD. You will be provided with tracking information via email and your purchase will be delivered in 2-4 days. They also provide the (paid) possibility to deliver your order the same day or in the weekend. Not satisfied with your purchase? Does it look different in real life than it did on the website? Or maybe the size didn’t fit. In those cases, Ugg offers free exchanges and returns within the first 30 days. The instructions for that can be found on the website and are also included in your order. They can be contacted via email or telephone, both of which can be found on the website.

    Complaints, Compliments and tips for UGG

    Do you have any experience with UGG, either positive or negative? Was your order not to your satisfaction? How did they handle your complaint? Or did they give you wonderful customer service and you want to let others know about it? Leave a review with your complaint, experience, opinion or compliment and help others decide whether Ugg is the place to go or not.

    What do customers think of UGG? Read experiences, opinions and reviews and decide whether it is a good idea to order clothes and shoes online in this store!

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