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    Are you looking to buy a sound system but struggling to choose between all the different companies and styles? Keen to buy a set of earphones, headphones or speakers but unsure about which product is best suited to your unique daily requirements? Considering buying from Bose but unfamiliar with the company itself? Read on to learn more about the history and values of Bose, all the products and benefits that they offer, as well as what their customers have to say.

    About Bose

    Bose was initially founded by Dr. Amar Gopal Bose in 1964. Having grown up learning to play the violin and thus immersed in classical music, following which he then pursed a PhD in electrical engineering, Dr. Bose founded his company with two employees in order to satisfy his own desire to possess a high quality sound system. In 1987, the company’s founders were awarded the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundations Inventor of the Year Award for the invention of their waveguide loudspeaker system. The first Bose store opened in 1993 in Maine, US and the first international store in 1998 in New Delhi, India. Since then the company has ventured into speaker production for a range of needs such as for professional musicians, individual consumers and home sound systems.
    Due to the company’s innovative approach, Bose has conquered several milestones such as being the first ever contracted supplier of sound systems for every event at an Olympic games, in 1988. Furthermore they produced the first commercial acoustic noise cancelling headset for the benefit of pilots, allowing them to reduce noise distractions and facilitate communication.
    Bose’s guiding principles are Innovation and Technology, Teamwork and Collaboration, Growth, and Financial Viability. Their forward thinking approach regarding environmental sustainability has led to the Bose Energy Efficient Series using 50% less energy, packaging that uses environmentally preferable materials and recyclable electronic devices.

    Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones


    The Bose product range can satisfy any of your sound system requirements, supplying sound for individual earphones, headphones, aviation headsets, computer speakers, portable speakers, home cinemas, sports headphones and car speakers.
    In addition to providing the basics, Bose offers the unique features of noise cancelling headphones and wireless Bluetooth headphones as well as a range of accessories such as travel bags, chargers, covers, wall mounts, antennas, remote controls, floor stands, earphone ear cushions.

    Delivery of products is free and if you wish to return a device it can be done so within 30 days of purchase. Faulty devices or exchanges will be returned to you within 30 days.
    You can make payments on the Bose website using Visa, Paypal and American Express cards.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips

    Have you previously purchased a Bose product? Did it meet your sound quality and aesthetic expectations? Is the volume and quality sufficient? Or did you find it to be overpriced? How were your experiences with customer service? Would you recommend the product to a friend? Feel free to share your thoughts regarding your positive or negative experiences below.

    What is your opinion of Bose? Read and write reviews to share your customer experiences and learn about Bose's products and sound system quality.

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