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    KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is one of the most well known airline companies around. In Holland, where the company originated, the company is the second largest employer. But what does this mean for the customers of this huge company? Are they satisfied? What do the people who have flown with KLM think of the service, the customer service, the prices, the destinations, the food, the leg space and more? Does KLM really offer the reliability and healthy dose of Dutch pragmatism that they claim to be their mission? First read the rating and reviews of real customers of KLM to estimate what you can expect if you book at this national Dutch airline company!

    About KLM

    KLM was founded on 7 October 1919 as the Dutch Royal Airline Company (the label ‘Royal’ was already given at the opening by Queen Wilhelmina) and the first flight took place on 17 may 1920. This first flight flew from London to Schiphol Airport. In the history of KLM, there have been many ‘first times’ in the history of flights. They proudly present an overview of these ‘first times’ on their website.

    Nowadays, KLM is a large worldwide contender in the airway branch. It is a part of the KLM Group, which also includes KLM Cityhopper, Martinair and Transavia. In 2004, KLM merged with Air France, which made them the largest European airline group. What’s more, KLM has all kinds of joint venture and co-operations, like a cooperation with airway alliance SkyTeam and a joint venture with Delta and Alitalia on the North-Atlantic route.

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    Services of KLM

    Of course, KLM does its best to convince as many people as possible to fly with their airline company. Many flights are direct (so without a time-consuming transfer), flights often depart and land on favourable times and KLM scores high on punctuality. They are even number 1 in on-time performance and are proud to be pronounced the world’s most punctual and safeairline.

    On their website you can easily search for airline tickets and compare and book them. The website also is a good source for accurate flight information and a place where you can check in in advance. Do you want to arrange everything in one go? Then you can choose for a KLM package deal, where you can add a hotel and/or car to your reservation. It is also possible to shop tax free in advance. And if you book a World Business Class 3 months in advance, there is an attractive early booking discount up till 60%.

    If you are a frequent flyer or, with other words: if you fly with KLM on a regular basis, than you obtain many benefits if you take part in the Flying Blue program. There, you can collect (free) Flying Blue Miles that you can spend on flights, hotels, car rental and more.

    Complaints, Problems, Tips and Compliments for KLM

    Has something gone wrong before, during or after a flight with KLM? There are all kinds of ways to get into contact with the airline company, depending on the type of problem or complaint. If possible, the most efficient option is often to address personnel directly. For example a stewardess of the staff on the ground. The main office of KLM is located on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Customer service can be reached in various ways: via social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or simply by phone. Moreover, you can search online for a pretty large variety of information for every possible type of problem, varying from giving back money or reimbursements to up-to-date flight information, special assistance and luggage. Have you ever flown with KLM? Leave your review on BritainReviews and let us know about your experiences, opinions, complaints and more about this large airway company!

    What do customers think of KLM? Read reviews, opinions, experiences and complaints about this major Royal Dutch Airline company with flights all over the world.

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